The Windy City Mastermind is a group of curated owners that are committed to growing their firm.

The next Wind City Mastermind is March 8 and March 9, 2024, in Oak Brook Illinois.

This one is going to be really special.

Folks have always asked us for a second day of masterminding. So this is your wish come true. 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️


This next Windy City will be a 2-day mastermind. If you’ve ever been to a mastermind before, we don’t need to tell you the immense value you received from a single day, let alone two days of high-quality business discussion with other growth-minded business owners.

This entire mastermind has been designed and built to be as constructive for you as possible.

We have even hired the dynamic duo of Christopher Anderson and Robert Leitner to moderate the group discussion! 🦾 Both are former coaches of How To Manage and have helped hundreds of different law firm owners through all various points of growth.🦾

Another way we are building this mastermind to be as effective as possible is by keeping the attendance very low. This will ensure you have even more time to discuss your business and your particular issues. You can get more of your questions answered, and it will be a much more open experience. In fact, to ensure the attendance stays low, we have purposefully decided to hold the mastermind in our office.

And while our office is large, the walls are not expandable, and we physically can not hold a large amount of people.

Another reason we decided to hold this mastermind in our office is because we have noticed that when we hold a mastermind in a large conference room at a busy hotel, it becomes easier for attendees to get distracted and not get as much value as possible. It’s distracting when hotel guests are hustling in and out, waiters banging on trays etc. But in our office that won’t be a problem. 

This years Windy City Mastermind has been designed to be the most affective 2-days you can spend working on your business.

Include your dive-deep hot seat where you always get amazing inspirations (if you’ve never been on a hot seat, you have to do it. It will change your business forever).🔥🔥🔥🧞‍♂️

But because we decided to keep it limited there is only room for 15-17 participants.

We’ve already 🔐 locked down 🔐 my facility space, have a set, limited number of attendees I can accommodate in this room, and no more. We can’t add more space.

If the last few Windy City Masterminds are an indicator, this event will sell out rather quickly, so join in now. 

As some of you know, you may be paying $10,000 or even more for this type of a mastermind.

The price for you is $2750 for your seat and an additional $500 if you choose to bring a guest.

The price goes up when I open this up to the bigger group.

March 8 – 9th, 2024

Godoy Law Office Oak Brook, IL.

We will be setting up a room block at a hotel near our office. There are numerous hotels to choose from near the Oak Brook mall.

Unique learning environment, roundtable discussions, networking conversation on breaks, in the halls, late into the nights. Take your business to the next level.


No need to head to the back of the room.

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